Before They Were Showroom Vehicles

Cars do not magically appear in the showroom of your local automotive store. Now, while you might think that these cars are driven around in order to get them from the warehouse to the showroom, you might have to think again. Continue reading “Before They Were Showroom Vehicles”


What Can Derail Your Truck Driving Application?

Truck driving and vehicle transport jobs are one of the most in demand skill sets in the auto transport industry. Many companies are looking for people with the necessary experience and qualities. Given this, you need to stand out among the other candidates to have a better chance of landing a job.

There are factors that can affect your chances of getting hired. Being aware of them will let you know what to avoid.

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Get The Right Vehicle Transport Job For You And Your Car

Car is both a necessity and an asset; this is why people feel the need to acquire one or more. Just like anything that you have worked hard for, you value your car and that is perfectly okay. When acquiring the services of an auto shipper, it is only natural that you do background checks on their papers and insurance. You are, anyway, the customer and it is your right.

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