Can You Score Truck Driver Jobs with a DUI?

Most truck driving jobs require the driver to have a reputable driving record, without any felonies. If you have a criminal record such as Driving Under Influence (DUI), then it might be difficult to score a job with certain companies.

Most companies would not like risking their transport and cargo with such a driver. All is not lost, though, as there are certain situations in which you can get truck driving jobs even if you have a DUI record. Continue reading “Can You Score Truck Driver Jobs with a DUI?”


Truck Driver Jobs: Secrets to Stay Awake and Alert

Truck driving is an important job that plays a huge part in making sure that the constant supplies of good are delivered on time. This is why there will always be a need for truck driver jobs. The nature of the job, however, calls for long hours on the road. This could mean maneuvering the truck even with inadequate sleep. Continue reading “Truck Driver Jobs: Secrets to Stay Awake and Alert”