How to Find Finished Vehicle Logistics Jobs

Finished vehicle logistics is a diverse industry with jobs ranging from managerial office jobs to large vehicle driving jobs. The industry has boomed worldwide with thousands of cars being transported every year within the USA. This has paved the way for drivers to boost their careers by becoming professional truck drivers or vehicle logistics managers. Continue reading “How to Find Finished Vehicle Logistics Jobs”


A Look at the Finished Vehicle Logistics Industry

The car industry functions just like any other production company. There are a number of factories all over the US which produce these cars for consumers to purchase. The U.S. is a pretty large country, so getting these cars from the production line to the dealerships need another industry to support them: the finished vehicle logistics industry. Continue reading “A Look at the Finished Vehicle Logistics Industry”

Finished Vehicle Logistics: Preventing Damages

In the world of auto transport industry, the term finished vehicle logistics refers to everything that a vehicle goes through from the time it is picked up to the moment it is delivered to the dealer. This mainly involves the mode of transportation used.

Because new vehicles are transported for hours and long distances, damages are not uncommon. Given this, companies strive hard to avoid these and bring the vehicle to the clients damage-free.

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Finished Vehicle Logistics Explained

Finished vehicle logistics is something that any truck driver should understand. In driving a truck, there’s Point A, where the cargo is taken and hauled into the truck for transport, and then there is Point B, wherein the cargo is taken off the truck and successfully delivered to its rightful owner.

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Truck Drivers in Finished Vehicle Logistics

The phrase “finished vehicle logistics” encompasses everything that happens to a “finished vehicle” from the moment it leaves the factory floor until it is delivered to the dealer. This can include such things as storage and inspection facilities and damage repair shops. Primarily; however, this logistical system involves transportation by sea, rail, and – significantly – by road.
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