Can You Score Truck Driver Jobs with a DUI?

Most truck driving jobs require the driver to have a reputable driving record, without any felonies. If you have a criminal record such as Driving Under Influence (DUI), then it might be difficult to score a job with certain companies.

Most companies would not like risking their transport and cargo with such a driver. All is not lost, though, as there are certain situations in which you can get truck driving jobs even if you have a DUI record. Continue reading “Can You Score Truck Driver Jobs with a DUI?”


How to Find Finished Vehicle Logistics Jobs

Finished vehicle logistics is a diverse industry with jobs ranging from managerial office jobs to large vehicle driving jobs. The industry has boomed worldwide with thousands of cars being transported every year within the USA. This has paved the way for drivers to boost their careers by becoming professional truck drivers or vehicle logistics managers. Continue reading “How to Find Finished Vehicle Logistics Jobs”

Understanding Company Sponsored CDL Training

A company-sponsored CDL is also known as Free CDL Schooling, where your CDL training is sponsored by the company that has hired you. In return, you either pay the company on a monthly basis from the salary you earn or you are obligated to a contract for a certain period of time. Continue reading “Understanding Company Sponsored CDL Training”