Requirements when Applying for Car Haul Jobs

Having a career in the auto transportation industry can be rewarding. However, many people mistake car haul jobs with simple trucking jobs. While the nature of the career is the same, there is a lot more training and consideration required before one can pursue a career in auto transportation.

What are the Types of Car Hauling Jobs Available?

There are different types of car hauling jobs including, but not limited to, terminal to terminal transport, door to door transport, and the transport of exotic cars, covered cars, specialty cars, and classic cars. In addition, each of these types have their own requirements for the crew.

CDL is Required

Of course, a commercial driving license (CDL) is a must if you want to score car haul jobs. As per the US Department of Transportation, vehicles with more than 26,000 pounds of weight being towed or carried require the driver to have a commercial driving license.

Note that the combined weight refers to the overall weight of the truck and the cargo. Every state has their own laws regarding CDL, so it is best to check with the authorities first.

If you are looking for jobs in auto transport then you should have a CDL license and must have adequate training or experience in the field. If you don’t have these yet, you can prepare by applying through companies that offer programs for initial training.


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