Hiring an Auto Transport Company: Preparations

If you are moving to a different state, you would definitely want your beloved car to travel with you. Your most viable option would be hiring an auto transport company to relocate the car from one place to another. Before availing of these specialized services, you need to understand a few major aspects to make sure the process is smooth without any issues.

Check for Damages

Thoroughly inspect your car before handing it over to the transportation company. Make sure there are no damages. If possible, take pictures of your car from different angles. Once the car is delivered, check the condition and compare to how it was previously. If there are any damages, make sure to file a claim with the company.

Check Insurance

Most reputable auto transportation companies offer insurance against theft and damages. It is important that you check with the company to see what the insurance covers and how you will be able to redeem it in case you need to.

Types of Transportation

There are mainly two types of vehicle transportations services; open-air transportation and enclosed carriers. The former is cost-effective but will take more time and will leave your vehicle open to wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions. The latter is safer and more reliable but more costly.

Discuss your requirements with the transportation company to see which mode of transportations suits you the most.


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