Before They Were Showroom Vehicles

Cars do not magically appear in the showroom of your local automotive store. Now, while you might think that these cars are driven around in order to get them from the warehouse to the showroom, you might have to think again.

Transporting Vehicles

While vehicles are one mode of transportation, they, too, have to be transported from storage to showroom. This responsibility typically falls on the lap of companies whose line of business involve vehicle transport jobs.

Transporting vehicles can be done in four ways depending on where they are coming from. Companies can make use of large ships, railroad trains, airplanes, and large trucks. Of these four, however, it is the last one that is typically used. While railroad trains can carry more than 800 vehicles at a time, depending on their length, they are generally limited to one specific route.

Trucks, on the other hand, can transport vehicles to any part of the state. Although they can only carry about 12 to 15 vehicles at a time, they make up for the numbers by making sure that they are able to make frequent trips. In some cases, trucks can also come with movable platforms that allow for more vehicles to be fit within the steel frames.

Another advantage of trucks when it comes to vehicle transport jobs is the fact that it requires lesser fuel consumption compared to other modes of transportation, most particularly when compared to railroad trains.





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