Why Should You Hire a Car Hauler Company?

When it comes to moving your car from one place to another, especially over a long distance, you have the option of driving yourself or getting a car hauler company. If you don’t want to stress yourself out, here are a few reasons why a car transportation company is the smartest choice for the job: Continue reading “Why Should You Hire a Car Hauler Company?”


Requirements when Applying for Car Haul Jobs

Having a career in the auto transportation industry can be rewarding. However, many people mistake car haul jobs with simple trucking jobs. While the nature of the career is the same, there is a lot more training and consideration required before one can pursue a career in auto transportation. Continue reading “Requirements when Applying for Car Haul Jobs”

Hiring an Auto Transport Company: Preparations

If you are moving to a different state, you would definitely want your beloved car to travel with you. Your most viable option would be hiring an auto transport company to relocate the car from one place to another. Before availing of these specialized services, you need to understand a few major aspects to make sure the process is smooth without any issues. Continue reading “Hiring an Auto Transport Company: Preparations”

Before They Were Showroom Vehicles

Cars do not magically appear in the showroom of your local automotive store. Now, while you might think that these cars are driven around in order to get them from the warehouse to the showroom, you might have to think again. Continue reading “Before They Were Showroom Vehicles”

Truck Driver Jobs: Secrets to Stay Awake and Alert

Truck driving is an important job that plays a huge part in making sure that the constant supplies of good are delivered on time. This is why there will always be a need for truck driver jobs. The nature of the job, however, calls for long hours on the road. This could mean maneuvering the truck even with inadequate sleep. Continue reading “Truck Driver Jobs: Secrets to Stay Awake and Alert”

A Look at the Finished Vehicle Logistics Industry

The car industry functions just like any other production company. There are a number of factories all over the US which produce these cars for consumers to purchase. The U.S. is a pretty large country, so getting these cars from the production line to the dealerships need another industry to support them: the finished vehicle logistics industry. Continue reading “A Look at the Finished Vehicle Logistics Industry”